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Far from the noise and commercial resorts lies the secret garden of Samal Island. I was lost in translation that amidst the sprawling resorts that devastated Samal island, there are still few place that leave untouched.  I wish that when progress impregnated this place; development should not disturbed its tranquility.  I appeal for some readers in my blog, that if you find this place, please respect it’s beauty and sacredness for its only few left.


Among the many spectacular features seen in San Remigio; the house reminds me of the movie “Howls moving castle.”

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The Samal Art has not been defined yet by the original settlers in this island, yet there are several influences that inspires the true island art. As time evolves the Sama art was never showcase not until there was a festival named PANGAPOG that indigenous people have showcase their arts and culture.

Few minutes ride from Samal District going to Kaputian is a surprise for artists at heart who loves to discover a place where art is enliven. It is inspiring to visit a place where arts are part of the attraction.

The ingenuity of the artisan hands by using indigenous crafts that are commonly found in Samal Island is one of the most astonishing feat in the gallery.

The sculptures that made of driftwood are truly a touch of Samal art, for there uniqueness and expressive emotions that an artists convey in it’s masterpiece.

The wide range of Samal…

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Sands like stars at night they shine as bright as sun. Samal Island, with its white glistened sands that shines during clear sunny day, is suitable of for sand sculpting; thus, last City founding anniversary sand sculpting is launch.

At quick glance to some finish works magnifies the expressive interpretations of themes given by the sponsors. However, observing it in different perspectives delivers us to the art movements that challenge the conventional arts of 20th century. From the art works of Mattis, Munch, and Picasso dada art spawned.

Sculpt presented consist of great contrasting dimensions on technical aspects. Objects that are incongruence to its relations and visual dimensions truly defied arts perse. Thus, the overall impacts produce visual harmonies that embody dada art movement.

Surprisingly, people who join the sand sculpting contest were not artists at all. They are common folks from our island that are vying for the prize…

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It’s More Fun In Samal/Samal Island in the Philippines

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One of the best time in visiting Samal Island is summer. Months from March to July is great for diving, snorkelling and other beach activities. Yet, one must not failed to be captivated by the famous sunset facing the Majestic Mt. Apo, the country’s highest peak.

Going to Talikud island especially in Babusanta this side of the island facing Davao city is a must visit place. Just bring on some extra outdoor stuffs and water since this part of the island have a certain distance for potable water. This hindrances will not suffice your enjoyment since this part of the island is where the famous coral garden underneath lies the vast coral reefs of Samal Island.

So this hot summer try some alternative. Go to Samal island in the Philippines.

Samal Island/ Naked soul

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This is my home.
This is where I want to be.
Running in the beach smiling.

This is where I saw my naked soul.


Samal Island shoreline eviction

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Part of the shoreline

“What is the essence of living in Samal Island?

“Who are the people of Samal?”

It has been 6 years that I wanted to tell a story about people of Samal Island, and I barely know my own people who have been with me since childhood.  Not until I joined them in one of the struggles.   The Samal Island people unite against the shoreline eviction case filed by a foreign financier, who marries a local settler.

This is our story:

The year was 2006, the shoreline eviction case of Purok 2, aka, Triding, Penaplata, Samal.  A rich Neri patriarch who happens to marry an Australian citizen filed the eviction case.  It affects more than 20 households around the purok.

These more than 20 households are awardees of land by the local government since 1960’s, and there occupancies are visible even at present.

mangrove at the shoreline as part of their claims in eviction case

The affected people united in order to counteract the claim of eviction. These people were merely habal – habal drivers, local fish vendors, shell gatherers, anglers, and although some of them were influential people in Samal Island, but then sense of unity is required in order to topple the eviction case.

The eviction case united the whole neighborhood that all of them cooperate and putting best efforts to win the case. Even though, some of them barely earning minimum wages but still we have managed to come up with monetary fund’s to provide for private lawyer.

The case never prosper right there and then it was dismiss in Kaputian circuit court.  The first hearing was amazing all the affected people were there to witness the hearing. Local government even assisted the locals with a vehicle going to Kaputian district.

fisherfolk repairing his net

Finally, the case dismissed and at present, they awarded the lands to the legal occupants.  The Traiding people (as commonly called to the place) never give up and their sense of unity enables them to overcome their great obstacle.

I know the eviction case is one of the best examples of unity among people here in Samal island especially that it involves unlawful claims of lands. Nowadays, Samal Island is developing towards tourism development and some of these heartless business people from local to foreign investors want shoreline for their own consumption. The Samal people are being threatens of eviction especially for those settlers in the shoreline whose ignorance of the law makes them vulnerable.  Winning the eviction case through the efforts of the settlers may served a lesson for any local settlers here in Samal Island, and that we will instill to others that we are the rightful owner of our shoreline.


At present, Samal Island is the second city that implement Shelter Code,which protect shoreline settlers and other illegal settlers their inherent rights against unlawful evictions of their abode.  As tourism increase and influx of investors who are buying shoreline lots for resorts.  Political will to implement the Shelter Code is needed to provide Samalenyo settlers a protection.

The call to act and properly implement this Shelter Code is challenging since development is faster than it is projected and most relatively people in Samal Island are still settling in the shoreline due to lack of income to pay for the relocation sites.

Frisbee in Samal Island (via all about samal island)

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Frisbee in Samal Island Weekdays is over far from buzzing streets and city cars noise, Samal island always the great weekend quick getaway. One of the best to spend weekend is to play Frisbee in the white sand. The Frisbee during sunset was different feeling, the humidity of sea air that rush to the lungs creates reverberating breathe among the players. The sweat from fast pace running in the sand and throwing of the disk burns more calories that normal exercise in the … Read More

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