Ukit sa Pantad ( Sand sculpture)/ Samal Island

the Samalenyos way of arts

Sands like stars at night they shine as bright as sun. Samal Island, with its white glistened sands that shines during clear sunny day, is suitable of for sand sculpting; thus, last City founding anniversary sand sculpting is launch.

hands that shapes the sands are the same hands that molds this island

At quick glance to some finish works magnifies the expressive interpretations of themes given by the sponsors. However, observing it in different perspectives delivers us to the art movements that challenge the conventional arts of 20th century. From the art works of Mattis, Munch, and Picasso dada art spawned.

dada art

Sculpt presented consist of great contrasting dimensions on technical aspects. Objects that are incongruence to its relations and visual dimensions truly defied arts perse. Thus, the overall impacts produce visual harmonies that embody dada art movement.

sandsculpt entry

one of the entry

Surprisingly, people who join the sand sculpting contest were not artists at all. They are common folks from our island that are vying for the prize and some just want to have fun.

This event held regularly during City Founding anniversary and the place will be in Kaputian District.

art art...all about expressions

To get exact date for this event:
Please contact me thru this:,, and
cell.No. +639392386905 (smart), +639227340192 (sun), +639069200005 (globe)

To know more about the stories behind the pictures:

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