San Remigio Revisited; The Best Beach in Samal/Samal,Philippines

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visit samal Readers of my blogs i regret to inform you that its been 2 years since I left my beloved Samal Island and relocate now in Chicago, Illinois, as my desire to continue my post and keep you update with the latest Samal adventure and places to visit.  I entrust one good friend who love Samal as much as I do. She will be writing new articles and keep you inform.  Her name is Maki Lasquite.  With your Qs and interests I am still willing to answer and give you a guide in Samal Island.

fishing boats in Samal Island

fishing boats in Samal Island

Hello guys, weekend is just around the corner. Wondering where you can escape from the heat of the sun?….backspace….delete….backspace…… the thing is, I’ve been editing this post for the nth time now and I can’t still put and end to this endless thoughts of how should I start it….. So I think , I will just settle with a simple one.

camp site

camp site


sounds so patronizing isn’t it? But yes with all honesty, I do love Samal for the fact that it’s one gorgeous island to get lost into. You just need to have the courage to get out of that door, out of the comforts of your home and hit the road with your backpack and a sense of adventure.

I love beaches though ironically I don’t know how to swim. Well, that doesn’t stop my love for beaches as I said, even a storm can’t budge me out. What I love about Samal the most is that- it’s just minutes to an hour away from Davao depending on which wharf you’re heading to. A welcome thing if you have to be back at work by Monday. You see, I love traveling and my work… equally, so this is a big deal for me. And if you’re up for just a weekend fun then this sure help.

I love beaches though ironically I don’t know how to swim. Well, that doesn’t stop my love for beaches as I said, even a storm can’t budge me out. What I love about Samal the most is that- it’s just minutes to an hour away from Davao depending on which wharf you’re heading to. A welcome thing if you have to be back at work by Monday. You see, I love traveling and my work… equally, so this is a big deal for me. And if you’re up for just a weekend fun then this sure help.

Well, so much for introduction. I don’t want to hit backspace again. So let’s start on the latest discovery I had, SAN REMIGIO, Samal Island, Philippines.


I heard about this magical place a few years back from my travelbuddy Feritz. But I wasn’t able to join her and her CS friends when they were there, simply because I did my first beach camping with my first tent in Kaputian and then enjoyed Hagimit, all on my own. (will post flashback stories with these places later on) And just 2 weeks ago, I was there! Finally! And what can I say?

I found a new home away from home!

deepblue sea

The place is secluded. You’ve got to travel for about 60 minutes with an endless unpaved road you can get into. If you’ve been to Canibad, same road condition but a little better. If you don’t have your own ride, leave the tackling with the local seasoned motorcycle drivers. Believe me, they’re very good at it. Just make sure you agree with the price before you go and do haggle.

road to San Remigio/Samal island, Philippines

San Remigio is situated at the southern tip of Samal. The last frontier as Feritz once said. It’s about 9 kms from Kaputian wharf. And I tell you, the butt-numbing motor trip is worth it.

the shoreline

the shoreline

The shoreline stretches as long as 3 kilometers with a mixture of crushed corals and white sands. The clear water is so inviting that me and my bro’s girlfriend could not resist swimming despite the heat of the sun.

clear water far from the city

clear water far from the city

The place is serene. At night, you can clearly see the stars. It was an amazing sight especially that it was quite sometime that I hadn’t seen them. From where our tent was pitched, we could see a number of fishing boats. With their lights flashing on and off like they were communicating with each other.

Early morning sky has its own beauty too. It has a calming effect. An effective antidote for stressful city life . You can also watch the fishermen haul their catch or better ask them to let you carry those baskets of fishes ashore for a try.

sunrise in San Remigio/Samal Island, Philippines

sunrise in San Remigio/Samal Island, Philippines

There are two resorts which you can stay in at San Remigio, SAMAL CAMP PARK and ALURO BEACH (posts to follow ;-D ) Some areas doesn’t have stable source of electricity. So it’s better to visit there with fully charged batteries for your phones and cameras and do please bring extra just in case. At the far right side while facing the sea, you can see a lot of sea grass which indicates a healthy environment for fishes.





seaside vilage

seaside vilage

If you’re looking for a secret paradise far away from the clasp of the modern world to relax and commune with nature, SAN REMIGIO is the place for you, I guarantee that.

at the end of the shore

IMG_3808 (640x427)

red green and boat


BY BUS: take a bus from Magsaysay Park to Kaputian. Then take motorcycle to San Remigio.

Bus ticket = P70

motorcycle to San Remigio =P60

BY BOAT: take a boat from Sta. Ana Wharf to Kaputian. Then take motorcycle to San Remigio.

boat ticket = P60

Summer Time, High time/Samal Island

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Lost in Translation

Lost in Translation

by: Maki

It’s getting hotter and hotter everyday. Sure, summer is on the way. The best time to hit the beach and discover new islands. Hang out with family and friends and get some tan.

Samal has always been a favorite summer destination among Dabawenos. With its pristine beaches, hospitable locals, accessible resorts you could not ask for more.

So file you vacation leave as early as now, pack your bathing suits or surfboard, sunblocks and hit the road. Don’t have any idea where to go? Don’t fret! Because we will be posting promising destinations around the island in the coming weeks, where you can bask under the sun and have some fun with family, friends, co-workers or even with just yourself.

And Oh! below is a poem by Mr. Norman Crisologo and a bunch of pictures I took, collected and treasured all the years while enjoying the scenic beauty of Samal.

Road trip

By Norman Crisologo
May 9, 2008 -Philippine Star

Life is short and death is long so don’t even

think about it, pack your bags and hit the road!
Go where you’ve always wanted to go, bring a
friend or go solo.

Summer time high time

The farther you go the better,

the bumpier the journey the merrier.

It’s summer, get some sun! Ride a Vespa in a
bikini, drink too much.
Drive 20 kilometers faster than you always
do, eat carbs!  

eat crabskaputian

bumpy ride ahead

The sun is hot and so are you! Put on those
Wayfarers, pose with a surfboard.
Smile at a stranger, get a tattoo (a real one!!),
get poked (a real one!!)

Blue is the color.

Natural high.

Natural high.

Eat crispy pata, get an extra serving of sinigang
na baboy, with the taba, please.

Open your eyes, look to the left when you’re always
looking to the right, do a u-turn.

samal all over

With the taste of garlic still on your mouth
you step on the pedal a little harder, your hair
gets a little messier, the couch a distant memory.

You challenged those huge waves with your little
smile, pinapaitan tasted haute,
you’re on the road, and life is fast.



Let’s enjoy the hot summer of 2013. Take loads of pictures. Create long lasting memories. But let us not forget to take good care of our environment so future generations can still enjoy this gorgeous beaches.


It is prohibited to bring, sell, buy and carry Shells out of the island according to Section 97 of Republic Act 8550 and Fishery Administration Order 108. Penalty of imprisonment from 12-20 years or a fine up to P120,000. 

read this carefully

It is also prohibited to bring fruit, seedling or any part of mango inside the Island as per Presidential Decree 1433, City Ordinance No. 2010-168. Penalty of imprisonment from 6 months to 12 years or a fine of P20,000 or both depending on the decision of the court.


2012 in review

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The stats helper monkeys prepared a 2012 annual report for this blog.

Here’s an excerpt:

600 people reached the top of Mt. Everest in 2012. This blog got about 7,400 views in 2012. If every person who reached the top of Mt. Everest viewed this blog, it would have taken 12 years to get that many views.

Click here to see the complete report.

Dark Knight/Samal Island

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the famous fruit bats of Samal island, Philippines

the famous fruit bats of Samal island, Philippines


As for the eyes of Bats are to blaze of day, so is the reason of our soul to the things which are by nature most evident of allAristotle

thousands per quadrant become famous in the Guiness World Record.

thousands per quadrant become famous in the Guiness World Record.


The fruit bats in Samal Island are famous for its density if measure in quadrant per inch.  Notably these caves have been existing in Samal Island since time immemorial.  After serious efforts of rich Monfort family to preserve the bats they offer the place to become a research for fruit bats and it’s contribution to nature.  After years, experts in bats came and stayed they made this place as a study tour which greatly benefited by both the owner and the island.

I live in Samal island and we used to visit this place for interests in their wastes known as “guano”, as most farmers here in the island use organic stuffs to their farms to make farming cheap.   Nowadays, these caves are preserved and protected which personally I am happy that fruit bats flourished in Samal Island, knowing that preservation is a high costs for third class municipality.

the fruit bats of Samal Island, Phils. helps in germination of durian fruits

the fruit bats of Samal Island, Phils. helps in germination of durian fruits


Few understand the importance of the bats others considered them as pests but needless to say their importance are more of pests controller, seed propagators, and germination of high valued fruits such us durian and mangosteen.  Apart from that they control the increased numbers of mosquitoes larvae.


The fruit bats are truly the real Dark Knights due to it’s valuable contribution to mankind and ecological balance.  Next time if you saw a bat lost it’s way to the cave save them by keeping it and let it fly by night for they’re earth’s nocturnal workers, nature never sleeps to keep us  alive.  It’s our duty to protect animals  and nature.

their sole purpose are to create balance in nature

their sole purpose are to create balance in nature

we are all important

we are all important


How to get here:

way to shoot the cave is to use no flash

way to shoot the cave is to use no flash

A lot of comments ask me how to get to places I wrote in my blogs.  As local to this island here is my suggestions, first there are two choices to get to ferry and hire a motorcycle ( habal-habal) and haggle for the price.  Second, take a boat ( lantsa) it is closer to go for this ride and faster,  I heard that the ferry nowadays will take too much time, after land in the pier ask the motorcycles that park along the pier to take you to Monfort Bat cave.  Price should not be over a Php 100 for people, the fare is just around Php 35-40.

I know livelihood in Samal Island is more on transportation of motorcycle vehicle it’s just not right that my fellow islanders will take advantage for local and foreign tourists.  I strongly recommend that giving a tip will help them nurture if they gave tourists an honest service.


Some good things never lasts

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the old pier i remember

As a child visiting Babusanta in Talikud is always been an exciting experience far from being the farthest side of Talikud Island in Samal, this place has been isolated for quite sometime.  In my younger days only fisherfolks have access to this part of the island.  My fondest memories of this place is the old pier which stood there for some time.
 Babusanta, is one of the place were snorkeling is best enjoyed.

Before i left Samal Island I have the best weekend in this place.

After a year my friend Mars, posted this pictures in facebook that the old pier is totally gone forever.  I would wonder how many people visit Babusanta and pose for pictures that they’ve been here.  The old pier was the landmark in this place, like every island hopping  the boat docks in Babusanta all the local and foreign tourists alike will run and pose to take a pictures of this old pier.

the old pier

” Nothing good lasts forever..”

Vanishing Island / Samal Island

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It was the Law of the Sea, they said. Civilization ends at the waterline. Beyond that, we all enter the food chain, and not always right at the top.  –  Hunter S. Thompson

Vanishing Island as popularly known nowadays, but to the pioneers we call it Sanipaan, visible in Sasa 11 wharf and some part of Panacan area, directly parallel to the famous Bat cave of Samal Island.

Vanishing island are among the best place to visit when in Samal island, a fringing reef with seagrasses and mangroves away from residential areas clear blue waters best for snorkeling.

After the fun and good times please I personally appeal to the readers to keep the ocean clean and leave no plastics.  Plastics and non- biodegradable wastes causes magroves and seagrasses destruction and deterrent to the health of these vulnerable plants.  Help save our marine frontier..we only have one…

Also if you visit Vanishing Island you will get to see the DENR and LGU’s mangrove plants these help the islets accumulate sand without artificial interventions and increase juvenile fish stocks for the local fisherfolks.  Kindly, refrain from destroying the structures that help these propagules  to grow.  Also the mangroves provide shed to those people who will visit and stay till high tide.

Huge star fish which fed mainly of seagrasses are among the popular species in the seabed of Vanishing island refrain also from extracting these vulnerable species.

How to get here:

In Babak Wharf you can ask the locals and the city tourism center which is visible when arriving from Babak Wharf.  Haggle for the best price which range from Php 700- 1,000, best is to have more friends to share with expenses.

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Originally posted on all about samal island:

one of the unseen beauty in Samal Island

one of the unseen beauty in Samal Island

Far from the noise and commercial resorts lies the secret garden of Samal Island. I was lost in translation that amidst the sprawling resorts that devastated Samal island, there are still few place that leave untouched.  I wish that when progress impregnated this place; development should not disturbed its tranquility.  I appeal for some readers in my blog, that if you find this place, please respect it’s beauty and sacredness for its only few left.


the tree house

Among the many spectacular features seen in San Remigio; the house reminds me of the movie “Howls moving castle.”

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